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Tips for coming up with a title for your Idealist listing

What’s in a name?

Every job listing on Idealist has a title. Some people choose to use the title of the job opening they’re advertising, and others try to get more creative. So what’s the best way to go about crafting a title that will draw the applicants you’re looking for? We have some tips for you! They’re not hard and fast rules, but suggestions we think might help you get the right eyes on your listing.


Think back to the last time you were looking for a job. When scanning listings, you were probably looking for familiar terms. You might be nervous that a title like “Development Director” doesn’t sound interesting enough, but it will make sure that the potential applicant understands what the position is. The person who is looking for such a position might miss the listing if you try to get too creative with a title. If you’re specific and concise, you can make sure the applicant can identify whether this is the listing for them on first glance.

Ideal: Fundraising Associate
Not Ideal: Nonprofit Superstar


Job seekers who use Idealist to find employment are often interested in connecting with the mission of an organization. Since you’re looking for passionate candidates who care about your organization’s work, include a word or two in the title about your organization. But don’t forget to still point to what the job actually entails!

Ideal: Database Manager – Education
Not Ideal: Want to save the earth?!? SPECIAL MISSION

Creativity is good

Being a little creative with the title is going to help distinguish your listing. I know I already said that you want to use familiar keywords in the title, but you also want to stand out to people who might be looking at long lists of similar positions. This is also your chance to show a little personality. As a job listing site, we pride ourselves on the personal touch our posters often add to their listings in order to connect with seekers.

Ideal: Warm and direct Outreach Manager – Homeless Advocacy
Not Ideal: Sysadmin

In short: be clear, put yourself in a candidate’s shoes, and don’t be afraid to be personable. If you want to run a job title by us, please reach out!

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