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Putting Your Best Foot Forward: How to spruce up your Idealist profile

When looking for your future dream employee, you might be tempted to focus on your job posting and let your organization’s profile fall to the wayside. Your Idealist organization profile is a job seeker’s first introduction to your organization, so why not make a great first impression? Here are some tips for making the most of your profile:

  • Fill out a brief but informative summary of your organization and what programs you offer.

Our job seekers are looking not only for a great position but also want to work toward a mission that resonates with them. Let them know what your organization is all about and why it would be a great place to work.

  • Add a website.

If your organization has a website or any other online resources, such as an online brochure or links to articles written about your organization, definitely add them to your profile. Once your organization’s description has reeled them in, our users will want to learn more about you!

  • Include links to your other social media pages.

Have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? Add links to your profiles! This will help seekers connect with you even outside of the Idealist community.


Check out Idealist’s own organization profile for inspiration!

Ready to try this out? Edit your organization profile here.

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