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Taking Care of Business: Finding and Paying your Invoices

Paying an invoice is easier than ever with our new payment flow. A couple of things have changed, so let’s take a look.

Checking out with your new Cart

With our new site, posting a listing will take you to your Cart, where you’ll have the option of paying by credit card, check, or credits if your organization has credits available. You’ll have to select which option you’d like to use before your listing will be live. This means you can still pay by check and your listing will go live, but you also have the option of using any credits available or immediately paying by credit card.

Payment-related tabs in your dashboard

If you need to access past or current invoices, you can do so from your organization’s dashboard. The dashboard looks a little different now, so make sure to familiarize yourself with the various functions to the left of the screen when you’re in the dashboard.

First, start by logging into your Idealist account. Once you’ve logged in, click your name in the upper right hand corner. A drop-down menu should appear and you’ll want to click on your organization’s name. This should lead you right to your organization’s Dashboard. You’ll see a number of different options on the left hand side: Cart, Invoices, Payments, and Payment Summary as separate options on the left side of the screen.

Finding your invoices is a snap with our updated invoice search feature! Now you’ll be able to search by invoice number as well as posting date.

  • To see any listings or job packs where purchasing hasn’t been completed, select Cart.
  • To access past or current invoices, select Invoices.
  • For a summary of all payments made within this year, the previous year, or total, select Payment Summary.
  • For a more detailed account of payments made to Idealist, select Payments.
  • Finally, you can see if you have any credits to use by selecting Credits, below which is the option to Buy Credits if you don’t currently have any.

Sharing an invoice

If you need to share your invoice with someone in your organization who doesn’t have an Idealist login, there’s a way to do that! You can simply copy and paste the link or forward them the email you received when you placed the listing. They’ll be able to pay immediately with a credit card, though the option to pay by check is still available and the mailing address is included at the bottom of the invoice.

Make sure to share this article with your team if they haven’t seen the new site yet! You can also visit our Help Center or contact our Support Team if you have trouble paying an invoice.

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