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How to retain the millennial talent you’ve recruited

The nonprofit world is known for its high turnover rate. This doesn’t have to be the case! Beyond attracting and recruiting candidates, retention of talented employees should be on your list. In thinking about what will motivate your best employees to stay with your organization long-term, you might want to consider generational leadership styles, and the differences in motivation for each group.

Nonprofit HR, in their piece “Four (new) Millennial Retention Tactics for Nonprofits” says millennial employees in particular want to be able to both receive and give useful feedback to their organization. When your employees feel connected, they are less likely to have their eyes open for other opportunities.

When your organization encourages an open dialogue about workplace dynamics, listens to what is being said, and demonstrates a commitment to being responsive, you create a culture of trust and growth that nurtures your team all the way from entry-level to leadership.”

Over at Human Resources Today,  they cite the desire for a company or organization to be oriented around the needs of their customers. This is a great way to ensure a meaningful connection between your staff and the people they serve.

According to some studies, businesses that focus on the happiness of their customers, maintain 40% engaged and 24% fully engaged employees instead of correspondingly 18% and 4% for other companies that don’t have a customer-centric approach to employee engagement.

Nonprofit organizations have an advantage here for being mission-oriented at our core. Our work is already about the people we serve, so make sure you leverage that when looking at your retention efforts!

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