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Helping Seekers Find Your Listing: Our Job Functions Feature Explained

The best way to get a great pool of applicants is by making sure your listing is getting in front of the right people. To help with this, you can take advantage of our re-released Job Function feature. Job Functions help job seekers find opportunities related to their interests, and help organizations categorize their listings so that they’ll show up in relevant searches.

You can select from our preset list by typing your desired function and selecting it from the dropdown menu. You can add up to 5 job functions per listing, but we recommend that you add as many job functions as are relevant to the position. Our functions include a variety of terms from Accounting & Finance to Graphic Design, so you’ll definitely find more than a few terms that would work.  To get the best result, you’ll want to think of which job functions most accurately describe the role you’re looking to fill. Because there’s a limit on the number of job functions you can add, this takes a bit of strategy! For example, if you’re hiring for an Engagement Coordinator, you may be tempted to add Administrative as a Job Function, but other job functions such as Community Engagement/Outreach, Community Organizing, or Marketing would likely yield better results. The more specific the better!

For more information about our Job Functions and how they work, visit our Help Center! Still need help? Feel free to contact our Support team, who would be happy to assist you.


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