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Welcome to IO: Idealist for Organizations!

Whether you’re the HR manager at a large and fast-paced nonprofit or the founder and sole employee of a startup social enterprise, we want to welcome you to IO: Idealist for Organizations. My name is Caroline, I’m the Outreach and Engagement Manager at Idealist, and I’m here to help.

I got my start as a Community Manager.  I answered the phone and responded to emails in order to help organization administrators like you use the site, strategize about how to get more eyes on your listings, and to chat about nonprofit hiring in general. In my new role I’m here to keep you updated about changes to the site, news in the social impact hiring world, and to provide you with interviews and tips from the people we’ve come into contact with over the years. I’m excited about this newsletter, and hope you’ll feel like you can reach out with feedback, tips, and any questions you might have.

One thing you can do is share this newsletter with your friends in the sector. Whether they’re already using the site to place their listings or are interested in some of the news we might have to share, we want to make sure we are actively collaborating with the broadest group of people we can in order to share resources and make sure everyone gets connected with a chance to turn their ideals into actions.

Does your organization use Idealist to find employees, interns, volunteers and other supporters? We’d love to hear from you and possibly feature you and your organization in a future newsletter. You can email us directly at We can’t wait to hear from you!

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