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Health is Wealth: Why your organization should invest in the wellness of your employees

Working in the nonprofit and social good sector can be incredibly fulfilling, but as I’m sure many of us have experienced, it can also be really stressful at times. Investing in health and wellness is a great way to avoid employee burnout and keep your workforce in tip-top shape.

In Employee Benefit News’ article “How nonprofits can set up successful wellness programs,” author Tim Hayden outlines how premptively investing in the health of your employees can actually end up saving your organization money in the long run.

“A focus on wellness is also widely known to increase productivity among employees — the healthier they are, the more time they will spend at work, rather than at home sick or dealing with various medical issues. In addition, a successful program can lower insurance costs over several years.”

Budget is always a concern, especially in the nonprofit sector. If you find that your organization’s resources are stretched thin and may not have wiggle room to implement a generous wellness package, there’s still a way to promote healthy habits and wellness without breaking the bank. In NonprofitHR’s article “Creative Wellness Efforts to Impact your Culture on a Small Budget,” author Amy Hyman talks about a few different ways to employ low-lift tactics that can positively affect the wellness of your employees and ultimately improve workplace culture.

“A simple benefit to support health and wellness is educating your employees regularly. For example, organize weekly newsletters on helpful tips and relevant research findings that employees can apply towards their daily routine. If your organization thrives on a culture that values employee connectivity, an excellent program would be hosting a monthly Brown Bag Wellness Workshop where employees can come together discuss an array of topics to support healthy living.

Health and wellness are an integral part of keeping your employees satisfied! What are some ways your organization promotes wellness? Let us know by emailing us at We’d love to hear from you!

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