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Tidy Up Your Idealist Account

It’s spring cleaning season! Update your Idealist account and make sure the information we have is accurate and up to date.

Where did you put that post-it with the Idealist password on it, though?

We can’t answer that question, but we can answer most questions about your Idealist account. If you need assistance, contact our Community Support Team. They can help you with logging in, editing your profile, updating your list of administrators and more.

You can also sign up for our virtual  Idealist Office Hours. Our next session (conveniently) is all about spring cleaning your Idealist account. Sign up here and bring your questions about removing outdated administrators, getting rid of duplicate organization accounts, changing the contact information on existing invoices, and more!

Not sure if your information is up to date? Consider the following:

  • Are the right people at your organization administrators on your Idealist account?
  • Did you get a new website or update content about your organization’s work that you wanted to share with potential employees, interns, or volunteers?
  • Have you completed the areas of focus section in your Idealist profile so potential applicants can find your listings more easily?
  • Are you annoyed with these questions but want to double check your account to put your mind at ease?

If yes, take a moment to update your Idealist account and ensure everything is accurate and up to date.

Don’t have any immediate job hiring needs so why bother?

You can post more than jobs on Idealist. Tap into our network of active, socially minded users and post volunteer and internship opportunities. Updating your account also ensures you stay up to speed on communications from Idealist. We promise not to clog your inbox but will have regular updates like this one, as well as resources and opportunities to connect and engage with us and other organizations in the sector.

Update Your Account Now
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