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Say hello to Idealist’s new API feature!

In the spirit of making things easier for organizations who post on Idealist, we’ve developed a new API to help tech-savvy organizations simplify and automate the job posting process.

How does it work?

If you’ve got a developer on your team (or have some coding skills yourself), Idealist’s API lets you post or edit job and volunteer opportunities automatically, without logging in to the site. This is great for organizations that post a lot of opportunities or have existing job posting workflows outside Idealist, say through an ATS (applicant tracking system). This feature has to be enabled on our end, but once it is, your developers just need to do a bit of code magic and voila! You’ll be able to integrate Idealist’s job posting capabilities with your other tech platforms.

That sounds awesome, how do I get it done?

We’re still in our beta testing phase, but if you’re interested in trying our API, please contact to see if your organization would be a good fit.

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