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Introducing: Idealist Office Hours!

We want to make sure that you feel supported in finding the best people to help you meet your mission. Starting in October, we’ll be holding bi-monthly live online sessions where Idealist staff can walk you through your dashboard. If you have questions or have faced some obstacles to using our site, we want to help!

Idealist Community Support

If you’ve called or emailed Idealist for help using the site, you may already know our support team. Cynthia, Brian and Andrea spend their time helping organization administrators like you untangle thorny payment situations, gain access to their account, and reviewing applications from new organizations who want to join Idealist.

When you applied to join the site, your organization’s profile was looked at by a real live human who checked and made sure your organization is a government, nonprofit or other type of social impact organization. Andrea is our team ninja when it comes to approving new organizations and making sure they’re a good fit.

Some people are surprised that we actually answer the phone when people call for help. We pride ourselves on being able to connect with our admins in this way! Cynthia’s gentle and patient manner comes across on the phone when she picks up and checks out any bugs or problems our users might be having with the site.

Brian is our workaround wizard. If something isn’t working right or a user is looking for answers, Brian is on it.  He’s motivated to help find a solution to whatever obstacle you’re facing.

Live Office Hours Session

Support team members Cynthia, Brian and Andrea will be hosting our Idealist Office Hours sessions in order to set you up for success in using our site. You can sign up for the remaining 2017 Office Hours sessions here. We’re here to support you in connecting with the people you need to execute your organization’s mission, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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