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Building relationships to further your mission

How can nonprofit organizations and others actors in the field of social change maximize their impact in a landscape of reduced budgets and increased pressure to solve society’s problems? Collaboration! Art Taylor at the Stanford Social Innovation Review shares 9 considerations for nonprofits looking to advance their missions in “Hacking Nonprofit Collaboration.” Tips include considering nontraditional partnerships and finding areas of mutual benefit.

1. Seek to assure the success of your collaborators. When entering into a relationship, it’s important for a nonprofit to know what it expects from the project; it is also critical to know what their partner needs. Parties must understand that for the project to succeed, it must fulfill each participant. Build in regular intervals for discussions about whether the relationship satisfies all parties, and whether everyone is able and willing to continue the commitment. Be willing to adjust responsibilities if justified.

It’s helpful to remember that we don’t have to do this work alone! Idealist is known for our resources for the nonprofit sector, but we also include a number of social enterprise companies and consultants to nonprofits on the site. Who could you collaborate with to realize your organization’s vision?

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