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3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Volunteer Listings and Snag the Perfect Volunteers

While the process for posting a job listing and a volunteer listing can be identical, looking for a volunteer is much different than hiring for a full time position. Those looking for a volunteer opportunity are usually looking for something that aligns with their interest that they can work on on the side. With that in mind, let’s get into ways to make your volunteer listing stand out!

  1. Title is tops. Your title is your first introduction to your potential volunteer and with thousands of volunteer opportunities on the site, you’ll want to use the title to grab their attention. The best titles are catchy but also are clear about the role. For example, instead of “We Need You to Volunteer (Basketball)!” consider using the title, “Volunteer Basketball Coach for Youth Program.”

2. Be clear with the timeline. Typically, those looking for a volunteer opportunity have a specific amount of time they’re willing to commit. Be clear about how much time your prospective volunteer is expected to spend working to be sure you’re attracting volunteers that can commit the time you need.

3. List those benefits! Volunteers are giving up their free time to help out your organization, and it’s nice to let volunteers know what they will be getting for choosing to volunteer for your organization rather than another. If you offer any other benefits besides the ones we list in the benefits section, be sure to include that in your description.

We hope these tips will help you get one step closer to finding your ideal volunteer! Ready to get started? Click here to post your listing! Need more help? Check out our Help Center or contact our Support Team who would be happy to help.

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