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3 things to include in your internship listings

Summer is around the corner and we all know what that means: internship season! A plethora of organizations are going to be on the hunt for their perfect intern and you may be wondering how you can stand out above the crowd. Here are three tips you can use to spruce up your internship listings and make sure your dream intern doesn’t pass you by.

1) Include a little bit about your organization

Some potential interns are looking for any experience, but a great intern is invested in your organization’s mission. Within the listing’s description section, reel in candidates by including a short blurb about the type of work your organization does as a whole and, if they’ll be placed in a specific department, what that department does to further that mission. Getting a potential intern excited about what your organization does is a great way to make sure the right candidates are heading your way.

2) Be realistic about how much time you expect them to commit

Between classes and part-time jobs your intern may have lots more on their plate than just their internship! Help reduce that stress by being clear with how much time you’re expecting them to commit, whether it’s 10 hours a week or if you’re expecting them to be there full time. Knowing how much time they’ll have to spend at your organization will help them (and you!) prioritize their work so you can both can make the most of their time.

3) Benefits? Yes please!

Are you offering a stipend? Be sure to let them know! Does your organization offer snacks or other goodies? Don’t be afraid to include that in your listing. Sometimes all it takes is plentiful coffee to tip the scales in your favor.

While we can’t promise these tips will get you the intern of your dreams, you’ll definitely be one step closer to the intern you’ve always wanted! Ready to post your listing? Get started by clicking here.

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